What Is ScentVR?

ScentVR is hardware kit which disperses fragrances around the users in Virtual Reality.  This provides the subtle cues which can take the user from a great VR experience to a truly incredible one.


ScentVR does not require any connection to the VR system whatsoever- it is completely standalone.  Users simply preselect up to six different scents to suit the simulation/game being used and turn it on.  Using a proprietary algorithm, Scent VR will disperse the scents at various intervals and combinations during your time in VR.  ScentVR will also vary the strength and overlap of smells for maximum immersion.


ScentVR can optionally be configured/operated by web interface allowing you to control it from the web browser right in your headset, phone, PC or tablet.  You configure the unit with your Wi-Fi credentials through the web interface and it automatically connects to your Wi-Fi hosting its own small webpage on your network

No external server needed!

Since there is no connection required to your PC or headset for the VR experience, ScentVR is compatible with ALL games available.  Just choose an appropriate scent selection for the expected environment and plug it in.

Adding real world smells to virtual Reality with ScentVR

ScentVR comes with sample of commercially available scents.  Users can purchase any number of available scents from vendors like Amazon, Etsy and any number of commercial retailers. The really fun part can be creating your very own scents.  Check out our forums for instructions on making your very own scents and combinations to suit your VR needs.

scentvr virtual reality

The process of creating scents is exactly the same for ScentVR as it is for Essential Oils, Soapmaking candle making and DIY air fresheners.  This makes the materials extremely easy to buy online at a minimum of cost.


scentvr smells in virtual reality

ScentVR will receive ongoing features and functionality if you choose to us the web functionality.  It automatically receives the firmware upgrades while it is running- handy!

scentvr.ca adds smells to virtual reality

scentvr.ca adds smells to virtual reality