Our Story

I’m Eric the guy behind ScentVR.  I run several YouTube channels and websites.  You may have even heard of the MKME Lab channel.  I make open-source projects, videos and initiatives which often focus on world improvement and environmental initiatives.  You can check them out on http://mkme.org.

I really enjoy VR and decided to experiment with smells to augment the experience.  I was so impressed I had to share my hardware which brings us to ScentVR.  We are a completely bootstrapped startup.  We have had no external capital or assistance.  Because of this- we are starting with extremely limited production runs of the ScentVR hardware which will be used to fund the inventory for the next runs.  This keeps our focus and responsibility on the product and customers.

The hardware is completely designed by me.  I also wrote all the custom code that runs ScentVR.  The code handles the scent dispersion algorithm, hosts its’ own web page for control and updates the OLED display panel.  It took me several months to complete the code and similar to complete the hardware package.  I’m super happy with the results.

scentvr virtual reality

I have no idea what the future holds for our hardware, but I believe we can build some community and fun additions to ScentVR once a few units are out in the wild.  I look forward to getting together in VR for some fun together.

Eric at scentvr.ca

All the best