Recommended Commercial Scents

ScentVR is designed to work seamlessly with both commercial scents and DIY recipes, allowing users to customize their virtual reality experiences to their liking. While many commercial scents are available for purchase, there is a certain appeal to creating your own scent recipes. Whether you’re looking to create a unique scent that perfectly complements a specific game or experience, or simply want to experiment with different fragrances, ScentVR is the perfect tool for the job.

That being said, there are plenty of great commercial scents that are well-suited to virtual reality environments. From the crisp, fresh scent of pine trees to the warm, cozy aroma of a crackling fire, there are many scents that can be used to enhance the immersive experience of virtual reality. Some of our favorite commercial scents for use with ScentVR include camping scents, floral scents, and food scents, which can all be used to create a unique and fully immersive virtual environment. Whether you choose to create your own scent recipes or opt for one of our recommended commercial scents, ScentVR is sure to take your virtual reality experience to the next level.

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