Quick Start Guide

This will service as the basic quick start guide/user manual for ScentVR!  Thanks for your purchase!  Lets get you in to the world of Virtual Reality with smells right away…

Please ensure you check out the instructional video below.

  1. Carefully unpack your ScentVR kit checking all the contents for damage/problems
  2. CAREFULLY open the wrapped ScentVR unit.  Do not use any sharp objects on the top of the unit or you could risk damaging the scent module wiring
  3. Gently lift up on the black rubberized scent module lids one by one and remove the lids from the clear plastic scent sample containers inside each scent module.  You can leave these plastic tubs inside the clear scent module bases if you like.  The plastic containers are to ensure each module has maximum freshness when it arrives to you.  You can use the lids to seal the scents in between ScentVR uses if it will be idle for extended periods.
  4. Avoid getting the scented oils on your hands and wash thoroughly if you do. It is not toxic and completely safe but it will make you fingers smell strongly 🙂 Scents are cosmetic grade from PJTrading and information can be found HERE
  5. Be careful not to pull the fan wires when working with the modules or the connector could be damaged or become unplugged.  If it becomes unseated just watch the video above covering how to plug it back in.  It’s easy!  ScentVR is designed so you can work on it too!
  6. Place the rubberized scent module tops back down in place on the module bases
  7. Place ScentVR below a fan blowing in to your VR room/space.  Ensure the fan doesn’t blow directly across ScentVR- the bottom of the fan airflow should be about 30cm above the ScentVR top.  This airflow does 2 wonderful things: It gives you a nice spacial awareness in the room while under the goggles (this keeps you cool and can reduce motion sickness) and it provides a gentle delivery of smells in to you area from ScentVR
  8. Plug in ScentVR and turn on the power switch
  9. After ScentVR boots up it will show for an IP address on the screen and will begin dispersing scents at random intervals
  10. Using and phone, tablet or PC go to WIFI networks and connect to the one called ScentVR (you have to do this within 2 minute of power up, after that ScentVR will pause the WiFi interface until next power-on)
  11. You will be greeted with a login screen to input your WIFI credentials. Just pick your WIFI network name from the list and enter your password.
  12. You will be disconnected and ScentVR will log on to your network showing the IP on the screen given by your router. You can enter this IP address in to any web browser on any VR Goggles, phone, tablet or computer. It works in any browser from Edge to Chrome and all others. You will be greeted with a basic page where you can control ScentVR.  You can do this right inside your goggles.  Handy!
  13. You are ready to go right now!  Fire up your VR system and you will get short bursts of smells in to the room right away.  Okay lets do some more…
  14. Rotate the knob on the front of ScentVR clockwise to increase the max fan duration, counter-clockwise to decrease it. This is the MAXIMUM duration and fan will run. ScentVR will still run at shorter random duration to maximize your immersion.

That’s it!  Play some rounds and test out your ScentVR with the sample smells provided.  It’s crazy how immersive it is right????

When done just switch the power switch off and ScentVR will wait for your next session.  You can place the small plastic lids back on the cups if you like but I have found they will still last several weeks even uncovered with only the fan modules on top.  You should avoid large volumes of airflow over ScentVR to avoid depleting your smells.

Here is the quick start video:

More to come.