VRChat is one of the most popular venues in virtual reality.  With an average of 19000 people visiting per month it is one of the most commonly used applications.  But with so many worlds within it what does VRChat smell like?

The answer is: Like anything you want!  To add an amazing level of realism to VRChat, RecRoom, Facebook Horizons and other programs you simply need to add a little “icing on the cake”  ScentVR allows you to introduce subtle ambient scents like soft laundry smells or perhaps some apple pie.  Any light airy smell added in moderation will give you another dimension in VRChat.

If you frequent outdoor venues, then consider adding our suggested nature smells.  A bit of time around the virtual campfire in VRChat or Altspace is truly amazing when you can actually smell the smores and fire burning.  You will forget your actual surroundings and become fully immersed in the VR world GUARANTEED



Recommended Scents for Virtual Reality:

  • Fresh Cut Grass
  • Campfire
  • Fresh Air
  • Smores
  • Coffee
  • Florals
  • Woods (various)
  • Pine
  • Perfumes