Sports in Virtual Reality can be an amazing experience as well as healthy exercise.  With ScentVR you add another layer on top of the immersion in any sport. Games like Golf, Walkabout Mini Golf, NFL Pro Era, Eleven Table Tennis, Forever Darts, Forever Bowling and Forever Pool all come to life with just a few ambient smells.

Imagine the smell of freshly cut grass on the fairway at your favorite golf course? fresh cut grass smell in Virtual reality golf course

Or how about the cool alpine air at the summit in a mountain climbing simulation? The smell of mountain mist combined with Pine and Alder wafting up from the forest below is quite amazing.

Or just sit and relax around a VR campfire telling ghost stories as the stars come out and a cool breeze wafts across the water bringing you hints of damp leaves, forest floor and spruce. Amazing right?

ScentVR can take you places you have never been in VR- all without leaving your room.

Recommended Scents for Virtual Reality:

  • Fresh Cut Grass
  • Campfire
  • Mountian Air
  • Smores
  • Coffee
  • Dirt
  • Florals
  • Woods (various)