Combat Indoors

When the combat theatre moves indoors, we can add some slight differences to our smell selections with ScentVR.  Having more intense smokes, gunpowder’s and habitation smells can transport you right into the AO like never before. Games like Onward, Contractors, Pavlov, Gun Club, Pistol Whip and many more have indoor Ops which can truly shine when you insert a few ambient smells.


Gameplay often creates higher impact sounds and visuals in these environments- the smells should parallel that realism and with ScentVR, they can!

Imagine loading up with tactical gear and catching a faint whiff of leather and gun cleaning oil. Or the smell of a musty warehouse as you enter the hostage recovery zone.  Makes a huge difference, right?


Those awesome subway assault scenarios in Onward VR?  Imagine being able to smell the subway itself, the coffees, pizza, and even floor cleaners… Now you can with ScentVR

Try out the next time you enter the combat theatre.

Recommended Scents:

  • Gunpowder
  • Smoke
  • Tobacco
  • Pine
  • Coffee
  • Foods
  • Musk