Here you can find answers to all the common questions


  1. Q- When will ScentVR hardware be available for delivery? A- Early 2023
  2. Q- Can I preorder now? A- No but you can get on the list to be notified directly when units are available, so you get first pick in January.
  3. Q- Can I modify or make new parts for my ScentVR if I buy one?  A- Yes absolutely!  Check out our GitHub repo for .stl files you can 3D print, scents you can make, containers, accessories and more.
  4. Q- Can I make my own scents?  A- Absolutely!  That is the whole concept behind this from of scent dispersion- ScentVR gives you the hardware to disperse the smells at the correct intervals and strengths, but YOU decide what they can be!
  5. Q- Are all scented oils and fragrances compatible with ScentVR A- Yes 100%  ScentVR just moves an airflow over the media you apply the scent to and disperses is- Any solid or liquid scents will work!
  6. Q- Do you have recommended scents? A- Yes!  Check out our GitHub repo, pages on scentvr.ca and our Forum for all the scents we have tested as well as others from the community
  7. Q- Do you have recipes for scents I can make? A- Yes!  Check out the forums for helpful tips and recipes for scents.  The process is the same for essential oils, soaps, candles etc and you can easily make them at home.
  8. Q- Is the project completely open source?  A- At this time we are not distributing the code and design files for the ScentVR itself (this may change).  All previous projects on the MKME Lab are fully open but this one we may try to actually pay for some groceries by selling hardware.  Things are expensive here in Canuckland lately 🙁
  9. Q- Do I need specific hardware/headsets?  A- Nope!  ScentVR works with ALL VR setups regardless of hardware
  10. Q- Do I need specific software? A- No!  ScentVR works with ALL simulations, games and other VR experiences.
  11. Q- Are there health issues with the scents?  A- The scents are not provided by ScentVR however, using commercially available scented oils and fragrances has been proven quite safe if used as per the manufacturer guidelines.
  12. Q- Does the ScentVR atomize the scent liquid?  A- Not all all.  You simply apply your scent solution to a cotton medium in the storage cartridges. Airflow is provided by the fans over the medium and into the airflow of the room.  Almost no atomization occurs.
  13. QHow can I maximize the ScentVR effectiveness?  A- Place ScentVR below a fan blowing at your body.  This fan will ensure the scent is dispersed quickly and evenly while giving you an amazing reference point/anchor in VR which can also alleviate motion sickness.  Try it- Works AMAZING!
  14. Q- Why do the pictures on the site look strange? A- All images on the ScentVR pages are generated by an Artificial Intelligence.  Seriously!   This means they are all conceived and depicted by an A.I. not an artist.  It seems fitting that an AI should decide what the VR experience could look/smell like right?
  15. Q- Since ScentVR is a DIY Kit is there warranty? A- As a DIY kit we cannot warranty your experience with the scents you use or the application itself but if you have a problem with the electronics/hardware we will do our best to get you back in to smelling VR as fast as possible.