Enhance Your VR Experience with Homemade Essential Oils using ScentVR and Distillation


The use of scent in virtual reality has long been a tool for enhancing the user’s immersion in the virtual world. From the smell of freshly cut grass in a virtual park to the scent of gunpowder in a first-person shooter, the power of scent cannot be overstated. While many commercially available scents can be used with ScentVR, the possibilities are endless with the ability to create your own fragrances using a simple distillation setup. In this article, we will provide a guide on how to make your own essential oils using a distillation setup, what materials can be used, and how to use these oils with ScentVR for maximum immersion.

What is Distillation?

Distillation is the process of separating a mixture of liquids based on their boiling points. In the case of creating essential oils, the mixture is typically made up of the fragrant material (flowers, leaves, etc.) and a solvent (usually water). By heating the mixture, the fragrant compounds are vaporized and then condensed back into a liquid, producing the essential oil.

Materials Needed for Distillation:

  1. Distillation setup – A basic setup can be purchased online or at a local science supply store. It typically consists of a still pot, a condenser, and a collection container.
  2. Fragrant materials – This can be anything from flowers, leaves, and stems to fruit peels, spices, and wood chips.
  3. Solvent – Water is the most commonly used solvent in distillation.
  4. Heat source – A stove or hot plate will work for a basic setup.

Step-by-Step Guide to Distillation:

  1. Fill the still pot with the fragrant material and water. The water should cover the material by about an inch.
  2. Place the still pot on the heat source and bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Connect the condenser to the still pot and turn on the water flow. The condenser will cool the vaporized essential oil and condense it back into a liquid.
  4. Collect the condensed essential oil in a separate container.
  5. Repeat the process as needed to obtain the desired amount of essential oil.

DIY Distilling

Distilling at home can also be done with a DIY setup. To start, you will need a heat source, a large pot, a smaller pot to fit inside the larger one, a tube or hose to connect the two pots, and some type of collection device such as a mason jar. You will also need the material you want to distill, such as flowers, herbs, or fruits.

To start the distillation process, fill the large pot with water and heat it until it begins to boil. Place the smaller pot inside the large one and fill it with the material you want to distill. As the water in the large pot boils, the steam will rise and pass through the material in the smaller pot, extracting the scent and carrying it through the tube or hose. The condensed scent will then collect in the mason jar, ready to be used as a fragrance. This process can be repeated as many times as desired to increase the potency of the scent. With a DIY setup, you can easily create a wide variety of scents using materials found in your own home or garden.

Using Essential Oils with ScentVR:

Once you have created your essential oil, it’s time to use it with ScentVR. Simply fill the ScentVR refillable module with the oil and place it in the ScentVR unit. The cotton wick under the fan module will hold the oil and the proprietary algorithm will activate the fan, distributing the scent as needed.


Distillation is a simple and effective way to create your own essential oils for use with ScentVR. Whether you prefer the scent of fresh flowers or the aroma of wood smoke, the possibilities are endless with a basic distillation setup. So get creative, experiment with different materials, and enhance your virtual reality experience with the power of scent.

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