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ScentVR Launches Revolutionary DIY Kit for Enhancing Virtual Reality Experience

Goderich, ON – Today, ScentVR announced the launch of their innovative new DIY kit, designed to bring a new level of realism to virtual reality experiences. The ScentVR kit allows users to experience virtual reality in a whole new way, elevating their VR adventures to new heights. With its powerful scent-dispersion system, ScentVR is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in any VR environment.

ScentVR removes the barriers that have been blocking people from adding their own realism to virtual reality. With the ScentVR kit, users can experience virtual reality in a way that feels even more real. The kit includes a ScentVR unit, power supply, 6 scent reservoirs, and a scent starter sample pack, making it easy for users to get started and bring their virtual reality experiences to life.

scentvr smells in virtual reality

ScentVR works with any game or simulation, and there are no special API’s or compatibility issues to worry about. The ScentVR kit is also easy to install and use, simply plug it in and let the scents take over. With a variety of scents to choose from, users can fully immerse themselves in any VR experience.

“I’m excited to launch ScentVR and bring a new level of immersion to virtual reality,” said Eric German, founder of ScentVR. “I believe that the power of scent can greatly enhance virtual reality experiences and we’re confident that our users will love the added level of realism that ScentVR brings to their VR adventures.”

ScentVR circuit board assembly

ScentVR is a cutting-edge technology that sets it apart from other VR accessories. With its innovative scent-dispersion system, users can experience VR like never before. Whether they’re exploring new virtual worlds, playing VR games, or just relaxing in a virtual environment, ScentVR will enhance their experience and bring it to life in a way that they never thought was possible.

For more information about ScentVR and to purchase the kit, visit Guides and suggested scents are also available on the ScentVR forum, GitHub repo, Discord, and more.

Get ready to take your VR experience to the next level with ScentVR.

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ScentVR Launch day is HERE!

Finally after months of prep, tomorrow Monday Feb 13th at 8am EST we will launch the first ScentVR units in the store available for purchase.  Thanks everyone for your patience and support. ScentVR needed to be the best it can be before launch and I believe we are finally there.  Although manufactured in our tiny shop with basic tools, ScentVR does the business.  Super proud of how it came out and the performance in VR.

Make sure to tag us in social media when you get your hardware. I would really love to see pictures, video or anything you feel like sharing right from unbox to use.

Your hardware may be in this picture 🙂

Eric at

All the best



Getting Started Video is Up!

This means it is nearly time to ship some ScentVR units. The getting started guide is updated and now a video.  Hope everyone enjoys their hardware!

ScentVR Updates are Pure AWESOME

So we’ve done it, we have added smells to virtual reality and it works pretty amazing!  The thing that was missing was the backend code to allow future upgrades and new functionality to the hardware once you already have it.  Well… adds smells to virtual reality adds smells to virtual reality

We did it!  We FINALLY have a robust backend with security features to allow firmware updates with reliability and speed.  ScentVR updates the entire firmware package in about 1 minute while it is running!  This was one of the main drivers when I designed the original hardware and led me right to the ESP32 microcontroller.  Industry reliable and designed for OTA (over the air) updates right from the factory.  It is not easy to integrate but we did it adds smells to virtual reality adds smells to virtual reality

I would like to do more upgrades on the web interface in future firmware but for now we can move forward without delay!  Yay!

We should have product on the shelves soon.  Very very soon 🙂


New Design!

In testing the previous design of power switch just wouldn’t do.  We are happy to report a new design update with a very satisfying tactile rocker switch has been implemented.  Firmware development and testing is ongoing but we are on track for a release soon.  In testing with combat scents, ScentVR works so GOOD!  Can’t wait for you all to try it out.

scentvr virtual reality adding smells to virtual reality

Production Modules and Case Testing

We win!  The version of case and modules which will become the production units is also joining the electronics in final testing and rework.

Here is the latest version happily dispensing some outdoor & combat scents on the bench.  Couldn’t be happier with the current performance. adding smells to virtual reality

The “Parts and Upgrades” page has been updated with v1.1 of the stl files for spare scent modules.  Since no units are in the wild yet, no one needs them but I want to make sure people will have all the info and files needed to enjoy their hardware when we begin shipping.

I’m not sure what the future holds for ScentVR but I think we can all have a lot of fun in VR together at least 🙂

Make sure you join our Facebook group & Discord to keep in touch Community – Scent VR


We did it!

This weekend the first production board rolled out and in to operational testing.  The circuit boards were a perfect fit and all parts worked exactly as specified.

After a trip through the reflow oven and some hand assembly we have the first board ready for cleaning and testing!

I did not think it would be possible to hit our first goal of a new years board but we did it.  On to smoketesting and prep for first kits to be made available.

I’ve set our target deadline as:



Founders Edition Circuit Boards Off to PCBWay

The main PCB’s (printed circuit boards) have now been sent for fabrication at PCBWAY  These will be a special Founders Edition for the first people who purchase the ScentVR hardware.  Initial starter pack will come as a 6 scent starter pack you can expand yourself from any source of commercial scents used in air fresheners, candles, soaps or essential oils.

Pretty happy with how it looks.  Check it out!


Adding real world smells to virtual Reality with ScentVR


scentvr smells in virtual reality


ScentVR Facebook Group

Our ScentVR Facebook Group is now up for those who would like to join.  It is a place for those more comfortable with Facebook than our Discord or Forums.  It also give us a place to host/share the Monday night game nights I hope we can use in the future to play together in VR.

Drop by and check it out  ScentVR | Facebook