Combat Outdoors

Adding ambient scents to combat simulators and PVP shooters can add a new depth of realism bringing you right in to the battle. Popular titles like Onward, Breachers, Pavlov, Contractors, Zero Caliber, Gun Club, Blade and Sorcery and many more can benefit from scent additions.

By adding subtle scents like smoke, dirt, leather and gunpowder you can be truly transported right on the battlefield

Add some grass, trees, mud and plants and you are transported right into jungle warfare.


Even when presented with smells we aren’t familiar with our brains can connect them with the visual cues we are seeing in VR which fills in the gaps of the experience.  This can give VR uses are truly unparalleled experience elevating any combat scenario from realistic to virtually REAL. Some burning rubber smells, smokey fires, food cooking, dry sand and various wood can take you right IN to the gameplay.

You will feel like you are there so much that things can be a shock when removing the headset.

Try adding ScentVR to your next campaign.

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